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(Newswire.net -- February 27, 2016) Seattle, WA -- A new website intended to help homeowners and other property owners learn more about having a fence built on their property is underway starting today.

The Security Fence Builder website provides information about some of the common options property owners have when it comes to building a fence on their residential or business property.

The site's publisher, Ian Phi, said he hopes his new site will help property owners understand their options when it comes to which type of fence to install, find a couple of good potential contractors to work with, and reduce the time and effort needed to get a fencing project started and completed.

"This website is primarily intended for a property owner who has some interest in having a security fence installed, but doesn't really know that much about their options," stated Phi, "This website is designed to show them some popular options in fence construction regarding materials, appearance and function."

"Look, most homeowners don't have any previous experience with designing and building a fence," continued Phi, "They are usually interested in one or two of the obvious benefits of a fence, such as increased privacy or security, but they aren't too aware of the different options, the benefits and drawbacks of the various materials or the cost of having one installed."

"Talking with a professional fence contractor is a good first step. An experienced fence builder will give a property owner the benefit of their years of experience with building and evaluating past fence construction jobs," he said, "These builders can offer their advice on what they think will work the best for the property owner."

While some homeowners might be interested in installing a fence by themselves in order to save money, Phi stated that this is usually not a good idea.

"Some homeowners get the idea that they can install their own fence," Phi said, "And maybe if their project is rather small, and it's in their backyard, and they have some experience with doing it before, maybe they can try it. But the vast majority of homeowners will not be able to install a long fence and have it look great when they're done."

"Building a long fence and keeping it straight and level, especially when it's built on a sloped or uneven lot, is difficult," Phi continued, "Plus, a professional contractor will investigate and understand any potential zoning regulations or building requirements that need to be followed when putting a fence in. A homeowner can make a big mistake by trying to do it all by themselves."

"The last thing you want in your yard is a fence that looks like it was installed by a complete amateur," concluded Phi, "You want your fence to improve the appearance of your property and increase its market value, not do the opposite."

Phi mentioned that besides the fence companies that install permanent fences, there are also several contractors that will put up temporary security fences. These projects are usually completed at commercial job sites and are often designed to reduce theft and vandalism during building construction.

About Security Fence Builder

Security Fence Builder is a website designed to help property owners learn more about security fence features and benefits and assist them in getting a fence built on their property. For details, you can visit www.SecurityFenceBuilder.com.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00091970-fence-builder.html

(Newswire.net -- February 19, 2016) Seattle, WA -- A new website designed to help homeowners design and build a new outdoor deck or patio is online starting today.

The Patio Resource website provides some tips and advice for locating the right people to help you plan and construct your deck or patio.

The website's publisher, Ian Phi, said this new site is intended for the homeowner who wants to build a new outdoor living area, but also doesn't want to do all the work themselves.

"This website is for the average homeowner who would really like a new patio or deck but doesn't feel comfortable with taking on such a big building project," stated Phi, "Most homeowners don't have the knowledge and experience to tackle a big project like this."

"There are some do-it-yourselfers who can plan and build their own outdoor space," continued Phi, "But most people can't do it themselves, because, in most situations, there are lots of aspects to consider, from securing any necessary building permits and adhering to any local building codes to ordering the right materials and actually getting the construction done right."

"A professional deck designer has a lot of experience. They know where the typical problem areas are and how to avoid them," he said, "They're able to visualize the end result and come up with a plan on how to achieve a positive result with the budget the homeowner sets."

Phi stated that most homeowners have some interest in having some type of outdoor seating or entertaining area around their house. Professional realtors also acknowledge that many home buyers are interested in homes with an inviting outdoor area suitable for relaxing or entertaining.

"Most homeowners want to have some planned outdoor space," Phi said, "It could be something simple, perhaps just a small area to put an outdoor table and a grill. Other people want to go all out and have a fire pit area, lots of custom-built seating, extensive landscaping and maybe even an outdoor kitchen."

"Speaking with an experienced designer is a really good decision," concluded Phi, "They can give you their advice and let you know what other homeowners have done and what others wish they had or hadn't done. For example, outdoor kitchens were really popular a few years ago, but quite a few homeowners discovered that they really didn't use them that often, plus, they added an additional area the homeowner has to maintain and keep clean. And if they aren't maintained well, they can invite insects, birds and other bigger pests. A good designer can bring these types of points up during the planning process, so the homeowner can make the best choices possible."

Phi mentioned that their site is still small, but they are working on adding more content and more company references and details.

About Patio Resource

PatioResource.com is a new online tool designed to put homeowners interested in building a new patio or deck in contact with professional outdoor designers and builders. For details, you can visit www.PatioResource.com.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00091897-patio-resource.html

(Newswire.net -- February 15, 2016) Seattle, WA -- A new website built to help out property owners who have a mold problem is online starting today.

The MoldMover.com website offers some general tips about dealing with a mold issue and attempts to put property owners in touch with one of the professional mold remediation companies that can safely and effectively remove their mold problem.

The site's publisher, Ian Phi, said her new site concentrates on informing readers about how serious a mold situation can be and how it isn't usually an issue that the average homeowner should undertake themselves.

"This website is primarily for property owners who find mold inside their house and are wondering what their next step will be," stated Phi, "We want to inform them about how serious a major mold infestation can be and how important it is to have a professional mold removal service do the work of removing it and cleaning it up."

"Most of our readers are homeowners who have recently found out that they have mold in their basement or some other location of their house, and now they are trying to figure out what to do," continued Phi, "We want to make sure they understand how serious these problems can be and how they shouldn't attempt to clean it up themselves."

"Cleaning up a big case of mold is similar in some respects to asbestos removal," he said, "It's something the average homeowner most likely isn't equipped to undertake. You don't want mold spores to get released into the air and you don't want to breath them in, and a professional has the equipment and knowledge to do it the right way."

Mold shouldn't be present and growing inside any residence, so when it is, it indicates that there is some other problem that needs to be solved. Phi stated that most mold problems stem from a plumbing problem or, in some other cases, a home foundation, roof or circulation problem.

"Mold grows due to a combination of water and time," Phi said, "So a majority of problems occur in rooms where there is some form of plumbing or other exposure to moisture. Most problems are seen in bathrooms or kitchens, in rooms below or next to a bathroom or kitchen, in basements, attics or a room with an outside wall. Now having said that, I realize that I just listed the majority of rooms in the average house, so I guess it can happen almost anywhere."

"Not all instances of mold are serious enough to call in a professional mold removal company," concluded Phi, "But the average homeowner might not be able to make that distinction, so we recommend homeowners call in a mold contractor and get their opinion. If they tell you your problem isn't serious, you may be able to do the clean up yourself and save some money."

Phi added that because her website is still a work in progress, some cities on the site don't have any company recommendations yet, but they will soon.

About Mold Mover

MoldMover.com is a new website designed to help property owners who have a serious mold issue find a professional cleaning company to fix their problem. For details, you can visit www.moldmover.com.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00091856-mold-mover.html